DLT will radically transform the finance sector, with or without DeFi

Discover in video Yann Le Floch’s prediction about DLT, these distributed networks that could change finance and economy in societies in the coming years. The reflections presented in this series of predictions also touch on other macroeconomic ideas. We invite you to discuss each prediction and share your views with us.

What is DLT?

DLT is also called Distributed Ledger Technologies. This term is more and more used and is very close to the famous Bitcoin Pro. Indeed, the data, as in blockchain technologies, will be recorded and accessible in a distributed or decentralised manner. This allows a better resistance to computer attacks, censorship, technical or other problems because no central authority can decide for everyone (in the case of public or open DLT, there are also private or licensed DLTs). These include the use of public and private keys, but also signatures and nodes to allow time stamping of data. We can therefore say that the blockchain is a type of DLT.

Yann Le Floch predicts that this kind of technology will profoundly transform societies in the coming decades with or without decentralised finance.

How could DLTs transform our society?

  • Will money become an absolute standard or a relative value through the use of smart currencies?
  • Will profit no longer be the only utility function of the economy?
  • Could money creation be guided by anthropogenic vectors that neglect to respond to capitalist, environmental and societal side effects?
  • Could the definition of a market price be modified by a definition of a market price?

What is the Institute of Economics?

An association created in 2011, the Institut de l’Iconomie is an independent think tank that analyses the stakes, the balance of power as well as the risks and opportunities in order to design a possible future. Its members often have opposing sensitivities, which requires them to refer to the rigour of foresight, hence the formation of predictions.

The Institut de l’Iconomie is made up of entrepreneurs, economists, managers, statisticians, researchers and sociologists.

The speakers in this webinar are therefore not from the „crypto-sphere“ and do not necessarily share the ideals of the cypherpunks or the majority of people who possess crypto-actives. However, it is always interesting to see how the future of the cryptomatics industry is perceived.

You are invited to vote in order to give your opinion on each prediction, but also to debate, comment and make your views known. Click here to view other predictions by members of the Institute of Economics.